Tips to Prepare for Marriage Green Card Interview

If you are interested in going to the USA through marriage green card; it is important to pay more attention to the marriage green card interview process. Note that, a candidate who apply for USCIS, gets the call for an interview almost within 9 months of application. It means you have enough time to prepare yourself to qualify the interview. In case if you provide wrong information to your interviewee, the chances are that your application will be rejected and all the hard work to date will become a complete waste.

When you are already quite desperate to fulfill your dreams of getting US Green Card, it is good to consider few expert tips to make your dreams come true:

Tip 1: Gather evidence in favor of your relationship

One of the most common mistakes most people do during marriage based Green Card application is that they do not make efforts to collect essential evidence in support of their bonafide marriage relationship in advance. USCIS often wants to know that you both are planning to hold a trustworthy, long-term relationship in the country.

Tip 2: Essential documents to carry

You need to present few documents containing the name of beneficiary and USC in support of your bonafide relationship. Some common examples of such documents include joint mortgage, bank statement, joint title deed, joint tax returns, life insurance, health insurance, utility bills, credit bills, birth certificate, etc. Couples also need to provide affidavit from friends or relatives supporting positive growth in their relationship.

Tip 3: Photographs

Couples also need to present few photographs showing steady growth of their relationship right from the time when they met to their marriage and the current days. Prefer to click photographs with other people as well, and they must be taken at different situations to show your lifestyle together with your near and dear ones.

Tip 4: Questions about history of your relationship

The immigration expert also prefers to ask questions in support of history of your relationships like when you both met first, engagement and wedding celebrations. He may also ask about your daily routines, lifestyles, financial status and extended family details as well.

Make sure you know your husband/ wide very well. Also, carry some documents in support of residence and work history of your USA based partner. Hope! These details will assist you to qualify your marriage green card interview. Good luck!

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